Low Altitude Aerial Panorama – Iconic Midtown Manhattan New York

This is one of our favorite panoramic aerial photo sets captured by PanoDrone. It shows what we feel is the iconic views of midtown Manhattan, New York. Photos were taken in wintertime so the sun is lower in the South, than in summer. If you look closely, you may also be able to see Central Park, which during this time of year is without greenery.

This is a unique set of Panoramas because they are within a single tour of the future view and of seven (7) different floors. Click the blue View 360 Tour. Within the tour, look for the thumbnails on the upper left side to select the elevation you wish to see and rotate to see the whole view.

Some clients prefer this method over the single elevation per tour method. Advantages are that you can see all floor future views in a single place. Disadvantages are that it takes longer to load and it’s impossible to link to any floor directly within the tour as it will always open to the default floor.

View 360 Tour!