360 Aerial Panoramic Photography – Biscayne Blvd in Miami Florida

This was the single most difficult flying conditions due to high wind. It was a calm day, however the flying location was from a roof top right in the middle of two large buildings that created a wind tunnel. Landing and taking off were most difficult – very scary indeed. However our masterful pilot with years of experience managed to make it work safely.

The location next to the one we were shooting from also had quite a few satellite dishes that later offered radio interference rendering our live view video down-link inoperable. This wouldn’t make our client happy and we strive to make everything work best for our client so we moved everything to a roof higher up.  This allowed us to get the last highest elevations of which this photo above was taken – the highest at 220 meters high.

Lots of work paid off for a very happy client. 🙂 Interestingly enough, we traveled to Miami for one job and we ended up connecting and turning it into three different locations within a mile or so.

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