PanoDrone Is Here To Serve Your Real Estate Development Future View Needs

PanoDrone has a vision of expanding and stimulating the selling power of real estate developers, agents and brokers by providing stunning 360 aerial photography from the POV (Point of View) of a building under development or yet to be developed (future views).

Panoramic Aerial Photography

We are a small group of professional drone pilots and photographers with nearly a decade of experience in flying UAV / UAS for future photography and other purposes. We have flown all around the world offering services for high end clients. We aim to provide a safer, more efficient solution for future view aerial photography and aerial panoramas. We only photograph using high end cameras.

New York Panoramic Aerial Photography Future Views

Our custom made drone has a specially designed camera mount for Panoramic Aerial Photography and is gyroscopically stabilized ensuring the images are sharp and level. Our drone is small so its significantly safer compared to full sized manned helicopter often due to dense city type flying conditions and possible workers on site. With this evolution in flying and multimedia capturing, recording and photography, we know that we can provide our clients with breathtaking results. Most of our clients are based here in New York City. New York offers one of the most amazing skylines. Please see our sample 360 gallery.

There are infinite possibilities with the future of drones and we love to fly! Welcome to the future of Panoramic Aerial Photography with PanoDrone.

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Safety Rate % 100
Customers Satisfied % 100
Weather Days Per Year 85
Photos Per Flight 75

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